In the colorful diversity of the club scene, DJ NeoN finds more and more like electronic dance music and is soon so infected that he starts tinkering with his own tracks in his bedroom. At the same time, he stands behind the turntables every weekend and rocks. When the scene-known DJ Dean helped him in 2001, success was almost unstoppable for NeoN. His first 12" vinyl came pretty fast, he didn't have to search long for a label. Traxx Records Hamburg, provided him with everything. Soon, DJ NeoN doesn't miss out on any self-respecting techno club in Europe, by now he has played in over 25 countries and to this day you can enjoy his beats on Spotify, Deezer & YouTube.

So much effort for the good party is rewarded: In 2011 DJ NeoN is one of the best of his kind, a position that was his dream in the years before. For the powerful and hard techno the name DJ NeoN stands also in the years after, where he celebrates the success with MasterWin until today.



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